Our Mission

Our mission at Club 92 is to present top-notch live entertainment in a unique cabaret atmosphere, reminiscent of the supper clubs of the past for the central Connecticut area and give local performers an opportunity to shine and share their talents in our original musical revue shows and other live performances,  while providing a relaxed, affordable yet upscale ambiance for our guests.


Shows are expensive to produce! The cost of lighting and audio equipment, costumes, props, dance shoes, technicians and on and on. Keeping our show ticket price at $15 is important to us so that we can offer a uniquely exciting evening of live entertainment for about the same price as a movie and a soda! With your help, we can keep our shows looking sharp and continue to bring you this unique form of entertainment. Thank you!


There are many ways to help and be a part of our Club 92 Team. We are always in need of volunteers for various jobs of all kinds. Join us!

Thank you in advance for your help!